Simply awesome

Smile white at all times

  • Improve gum health
  • Remove plaque and bacteria
  • Reach areas that you can’t get to with a toothbrush or string floss
  • The SonicProDent also addresses specific dental needs such as cleaning braces and orthodontics and cleaning implants,  crowns, bridges and much more.

Long lasting and safe

High Quality Material & Waterproof

SonicProDent is made of food grade silicone material and medical grade stainless steel, 100% safety & comfortable feel. It also support IPX6 grade waterproof, can be washed directly with water, easier cleaning. It is easy to operate and portable, so you can take it with you on your travels. 

Advanced Features

Brushing your teeth is not enough

Surprise your dentist with cleaner teeth, less tartar and less stains to be removed by him.

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It really works, marks with nicotine gone in just a minute, safe to use, Amazing product !!! fast shipping ( 2 weeks).
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Surprisingly effective, it does not replace a Descaling at a hygienist of course but it does not prevent that it works really well. Very satisfied.
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This is an excellent cleaner, it is less powerful than in the dental clinic so you need a little more time to clean your teeth, but it does not hurt at all and cleans well. I am very pleased. He cleaned the thick dental stone at me and the different stains and stone in my children. I am very pleased.